Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Things To Embrace: Messy Hair

As a girl with long hair my hairdryer and straightener are among my best friends! However I often have days when I can think of nothing worse that using my trusted tools. I have embraced the messy look a lot lately. I am blessed or cursed (sometimes I can't decide) with a good natural kink/wave to my hair. I do have a few trusty products on hand to give it extra texture. I normally blast the front of my hair to give it a sleeker look. Once my hair is towel dried I pop a little bit of my fave serum into my hair, I love this one (HERE). I then use a surf spray, you have to be very light handed with this as it can give you a hard crispy look. For a texturized, messy wave I spray it into my hands and work it through my hair. My go to one is Bumble and Bumble. If i want a softer wave I have a bargain find that I swear by. It is this Boots Curl Creme, a little goes a long way with this. I rub it in the palm of my hands and then work it through the ends of my damp hair. Sometimes when my hair is almost dry, I lightly brush it through for a sleeker look. In about 1-3hrs , depending on the thickness of your hair, you will have on trend, messy hair!

..............I did!!!!

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  1. oh yeah, i have a fair share of messy hair. love the pictures.