Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Up Close And Personal: My Make Up Bag

Makeup.......I can never have enough!! My go to brands are MAC, Estee Lauder, Make Up Forever, L'Oreal and Rimmel. Here is what is in my make up bag at the moment:

  • MAC Strobe Cream: I use this both day time and night time. I mix it with my foundation for daytime wear. For a night time look I use it as a highlighter on the cheekbone.

  • MAC Face and Body: This is so light and blends into the skin in seconds. I use C3 in this along with my strobe cream. I either use it alone or with a mixture of a heavier foundation, depending on the coverage I want.

  • Estee Lauder Double Wear Light: This foundation is medium coverage and comes in a handy tube. It also is long wearing and is perfect for a night on the town. I use no.3 and it has a fab golden tone which I love. Again I always mix some strobe cream with it. I love this foundation.

  • Real Techniques Expert Face Brush: This brush is AMAZING!! I always put my foundation on the back of my hand so i dab the brush and blend onto the face. Real Techniques brushes are not only amazing but also affordable. 

  • Garnier Under Eye Concealer: Once my foundation is on I pop this under my eyes in the shape of a V. I have reallllly dark circles, they are bruise like, so this is essential everyday. It comes in a few shades but i like to use no.2 or 3 depending on my tan. I always have this in my handbag incase I need a touch up throughout the day or night. What I really love about this is that it also contains moisturiser so it is nice and light, no caking! 
  • MAC Pro Sculpt Creme: This creates my "cheekbones". I use this just under the bone from my ear towards the mouth in linear strokes. I then use an excess around the temple are of my forehead to create contour. If the line looks to severe I buff it in using my fave goat hair brush. A little goes a long way! I use very little during the day and a lot more at night.

  • MAC 168 Contour Brush: This is what I use with the sculpt creme. It has a lovely slant to help give you that contour line you are looking for. 

  • Make Up Forever HD Powder: Powder sets the base and I love this HD version. It gives your make up staying power and a lovely finish. You only need a tiny bit and I stipple it on lightly.

  • MAC Duo Fiber Face Brush #187: This brush is perfect to use for powder or bronzer, a lovely light touch.

  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Golden Sun: This bronzer is lovely and matte, and a lovely golden tone. For night time I brush this along my hair line, under the cheek bone and under the jaw bone. This gives lovely definition. 
  • MAC Eyebrow Pencil: I fill in my eyebrow with this using light, hair like strokes. Holding it like a pen and using a light hand. If I am going out on a night out I will use a light brown eyeshadow to fill them in more. 

  • MAC Eyeshadow: I usually don't wear any shadow during the day. At night time I like to try all different looks with all my MAC shadows. My fave is a bronze tone smokey eye. To apply it I have many brushes, mainly MAC. My fave is MAC 224 Tapered Blending Brush, a great eyeshadow brush!

  • Rimmel Liquid Liner: I can not go anywhere without my liner! I wear it everyday. This Rimmel one has been my all time fave for years now. I have tried loads and always come back to this. As I wear it during the day I don't want it to severe, therefore I always wear it in brown. I love a nice liner with a small flick for the daytime and I exaggerate it for nighttime. 

  • MAC Gel Liner: This comes in a pot and I use a small angled brush to apply it. I have it in black and only use it for a dramatic, nighttime look. 
  • L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes: This mascara is affordable and my fave. I have tried many mascaras but this one gives you everything. Nice length, definition and separation, No clumping here!

  • Cocoa Butter Lip Balm: My lips are always dry and in need of a balm. This one is brilliant and clear in colour, it also smells amazing. I never leave the house without it.

  • Soap and Glory Lip Gloss: At night I love a good lipgloss. This one is glossy but not heavy and sticky. I use the shade pink apricot as it is lovely and natural.

  • MAC Lipstick: I wear lipstick on a night out. If I don't wear eyeshadow I love to apply "Russian Red" to my lips, it makes an outfit pop. If I wear a smokey eye I go for the neutral shade of "Creme de Nude" and some gloss. MAC have loads of shades for every occasion.


Things To Embrace: Messy Hair

As a girl with long hair my hairdryer and straightener are among my best friends! However I often have days when I can think of nothing worse that using my trusted tools. I have embraced the messy look a lot lately. I am blessed or cursed (sometimes I can't decide) with a good natural kink/wave to my hair. I do have a few trusty products on hand to give it extra texture. I normally blast the front of my hair to give it a sleeker look. Once my hair is towel dried I pop a little bit of my fave serum into my hair, I love this one (HERE). I then use a surf spray, you have to be very light handed with this as it can give you a hard crispy look. For a texturized, messy wave I spray it into my hands and work it through my hair. My go to one is Bumble and Bumble. If i want a softer wave I have a bargain find that I swear by. It is this Boots Curl Creme, a little goes a long way with this. I rub it in the palm of my hands and then work it through the ends of my damp hair. Sometimes when my hair is almost dry, I lightly brush it through for a sleeker look. In about 1-3hrs , depending on the thickness of your hair, you will have on trend, messy hair!

..............I did!!!!

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On Trend: Chambray

Chambray has been around forever (thank you levi's ) This denim like, linen finish cotton is back with a bang. You can find it in shirt, skirt, dress or even crop form. What I love about Chambray is it is easy wear, you can pair it with almost anything. Wear it casual, think Chambray shirt, red skinny jeans and some converse. Rock it on a night out, just pop your chambray shirt open over your lbd, pile on some gold jewellery and killer heels. Chambray chic!! 

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Style To Try

I love a good pair if denim skinny jeans.....I own enough anyways! This time of the year I pair mine with some ankle boots. They are perfect balance of comfort, style and a sensible choice with this unpredictable weather. A real style to try......

I love these Sam Edelman boots.....grab them HERE!

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