Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Get Fit: Maximum Results with Aaron

With Summer upon us we all dream of achieving that enviable bikini body and maintaining it. There are no easy remedies to reach your takes determination and commitment. I decided to look into some options in Galway, where I am from, to see what my options were. The gym, I would never go. Gym classes, I personally would not like working out with loads of people. Personal trainer, one on one training with professional advice, sounds good to me.

I found an amazing trainer called Aaron, who has really great training and credentials. The gym space is called Maximum Results, you can find them on Facebook HERE. I organised a one on one training session with Aaron so I could give you guys a personal review. The space is located just of Eyre Sq so it is so central for all. When I arrived I was really impressed with the underground spacious feeling of the space. Next step was to get measured and figure out my stats. Aaron also used a machine they have where you are given a detailed body fat percentage and things like hydration levels in seconds, very cool. As I tend to eat quiet well, apart from my cheat days, I was pleasantly surprised by my body fat percentage. However Aaron told me I was super dehydrated which made sense as I am always thirsty!! Next step was a quick chat about my overall fitness (which is so bad) and my physical limitations due to my illness. He made me feel very comfortable and was great at understanding. 

The idea he had for me was like a circuit of different exercises consisting of weights, cardio, squats, lunges, box step ups and boxing. This gives you a variation of exercise and it is nice to change quickly. Aaron works with a timer so you have so many minutes for each section to work on. He explained each step thoroughly with me before I began and assured me I would not hurt myself, which was a great to ease my mind. In total I did the course three times over a space of 45mins with 2mins rest between each circuit. Don't get me wrong it was not easy, but Aaron was great at helping me a long the whole way through. When I said I couldn't do something he gently encouraged me that I could. My fitness levels could seriously improve, that was very clear to see. However even though I was breathless for a few minutes after completion, I also felt a sense of achievement and a surge of energy. I can not praise Aaron enough, he is a super guy who is obviously very passionate about his job and seems very committed to his clients. As a woman, he made me believe I could do things I would never even considered doing in a gym. If you gals are looking for a get fit and personal training and support, Aaron is most defiantly one of the best guys in Galway.    

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Loving: Tassel Necklace

I am lusting after a gold tassel necklace at the mo! It is a great statement piece and will add to any outfit.....they add a bit of flair. Saint Laurent have a dream one.....if only I could win the lotto....sigh! 

Saint Laurent Tassel Necklace

Throw On Blazer

I am loving the idea of throwing a masculine blazer over a girly dress! It is a little unexpected but bang on trend. My fave type of blazer for this look are single breasted and slim cut.The perched on your shoulder looks like you borrowed it from your boyfriend......romantic :) Will this be something you will embrace?!

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