Friday, 29 June 2012

Trend: Neon Fashion

My blog on Neon is probably a bit late but one I have been meaning to do. It is everywhere! The neon colour trend, when cleverly used, will certainly make a statement and make your outfit pop.  As they are a statement it is important to style them properly. Don't worry though there is a neon outfit for everyone. Here are some ways to do so.

#1. Single Detail:
If like me you are not a girl that is used to wearing strong colours (yes I live in black!!), you can try in neon with a single detail- think nailpolish, statement jewellery or belt.

#2. Double Detail:
If you have a tad more confidence on the neon front you can add neon with neon. Think a neon top, neutral skirt and neon nails or shoes. Accessories such as shoes and bags are a great way to invest in a trend without going the full 9 yards.

#3. Total Neon:
If you have discovered the confidence to go all the way neon....then why not!! A neon outfit is sure to make you stand out from the crowd while staying trendy. A classy dress or skirt and top is the way to go here.

Some of my Neon Finds: Click on tag to go to site

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Style Crush: Kourtney Kardashian

Being verrrryyyy short in height, I find it frustrating at times to style myself. Miss Kardashian has proved it is very possible to be petite and still pull of stylish trends. Her outfit choices are huge inspiration to me. She is so gorgeous and definitely my favorite Kardashian.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Trend: Pleated Skirts

The pleated skirt is back with a bang! The skirt can be mini, midi or decide :) Pleats are not exactly a new trend, think granny skirt with a new trendsetting lease of life. What I love about pleats is they create texture to any outfit. A pleated skirt also has a major feminine flow to it. Try Zara or Topshop for some wallet friendly pleats! I like the trend, what are your feelings on it?

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Look For Less: Wishbone Necklace

This wishbone necklace that Jennifer Aniston wears is adorable! I love, love gold jewellery. This exact one that Jennifer Aniston wears retails for over $2,000. However I have found a wallet friendly version. Oh yes! This Dogeared pendant retails at €61 on Asos....a steal in comparison

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Blake Lively

Blake Lively is breathtakingly beautiful and has designers fighting over her. Lucky girl! She is the new face of Gucci, has modeled for Chanel and counts Christian Louboutin as a close friend. Jealous? The stunning actress has been in the movie business since her early teens, but it was her role as Serena in Gossip Girl that made her a fashion icon. Blake is fashion obsessed and also doesn't use a stylist, which is rare in Hollywood.  It is refreshing to see her decide on her fashion statements, especially when she does it so well! She has a real versatile taste in clothing, that is why I love her so much! Here are some pictures of her style evolution and also her pictures from this months Marie Claire word for these....WOW!

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(P.S. My laptop crashed twice while doing this post, time to get a new one!)

Marie Claire Spread:

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Men's Shirt Look

The latest trend apart from neon that I have been dying to wear is the "Boyfriend" Shirt trend. I have been looking for a nice shirt for a while and finally decided the only place i was going to find one was in the men's department. I got one in Topman to wear for Sunday drinks with friends. A man's shirt doesn't need many extras. Its is more efortless chic! I paired it with blue denims, nude peep toes and gold jewellery to girly the look up. To make it extra feminine I rolled up the sleeves to show some skin :) My hair was looking unkempt from the plait the night before so I kept it that way. Wanted it to have that casual, laid back all over look. Think I am going to buy it in white and check too, this is going to be my go to casual evening look for the summer.

Mars <3

Sunday, 24 June 2012

What I Wore

Last night the girls and I hit the town! Lots of catch up chats and giggles....feeling a bit tired today tho ;) I finally wore my Warehouse lace peplum top. I paired it with my Topshop leather pants that I bought in London ages ago and kept it biker like with my Warehouse jacket (that I live in). I wore my hair in the side plait too....not my normal hair down look so was a nice change up! How cute are my friend Ger's shoes.....Topshop beauties....think I will have to purchase!

Mars <3