Friday, 9 August 2013

Summer Sunshine

Here is a sneak peek into my Summer was a good one :)

Drinking my fave Sauvignon Blanc in the sunshine

Joined by one of my besties Fiona, wearing my fave Ray Ban's

Look at this amazingggg food that we had for my sisters birthday in Mulberry's Barna

Chocolate Fondant with Hazelnut rolled Ice Cream....bliss!!

My fave goats cheese, served with beetroot and a rhubarb compote.....faboush!

Wearing my new H&M dress clubbing with friends

Galway Arts Festival....Silent disco fun! So cool!

Another Summer Silent Disco on the streets of Galway.....headsets and dancing with friends

Spotted this limo so we took a quick pic, wearing my fave Zara skort here

Posing with two of my best friends in one of my fave bars in Galway, Busker Browns
Heatwave means bikini.....mismatched prints!
Heatwave in Galway....queue to jump at 6:30 in Salthill
French Martinis in The House Hotel, best cocktails in Galway

After a long night out....bedtime Sarah!!

My gorge bffs Sarah who lives in London and Nicola who lives in Melbourne


I did not want her to go back to Australia!!!!!!

FINALLY got my Canon....going to blog more on personal style!

Bye bye extensions, hello shorter blonder hair

Holidays in Jersey visiting one of my best friends Ger

Saturday fun with Fiona, here I am wearing a Nasty Gal dress

Short and tall!!

Afternoon tea with my cuz cute

Pretty tea set!

My fave drink EVER!!

My new car!!

Summer sunset out my bedroom!

Love Sarah's outfit and tan...she was just back from Thailand! Beautiful!

We love a strappy sandal 

End of Summer BBQ at my apartment




Cappuccino....the slim type :)

Roses from the garden

Summer setting

Bye bye Summer, you were a good one!!


  1. Looks like you had such an amazing summer! So jealous! Were the last couple of photos taken with the new Canon? Would you recommend it? :-)

    1. Hey Megan,

      I had a super summer! Yes they sure are. To be honest I am still getting to know it, but the quality is amazing and it is a super starter camera. From next month on I hope to have regular Daily Outfit posts using it so I will et you know how I am getting to grips with it.

      Thanks for reading!
      Mars <3