Thursday, 21 August 2014

Personal Post: Such Is Life

I have been a really bad blogger lately! I promised myself that I would never let that happen but sometimes life takes over….! Without this becoming a pity party I have had a tough time with illness this past year with chronic pain, chronic fatigue and auto immune problems. In between my hospital visits, admissions, pain clinics, infusions, tests, bloods, being bed bound etc. I have retained my love for all things fashion. Every day I read all my favourite blogs and magazines, no joke I could sell them. I really wasn't able to talk about my personal style and lovage apart from my handy Insatgram updates. Insta addict!! I have made a proper promise to post more frequently, depending on my day. A new chapter for Fashion Land! Is there anything you want me to blog about? I have so many trends I want to write about at the mo and hopefully I will be able to post more personal style blogs. Thank you all for reading!

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