Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Warehouse 25% OFF Buys

Yesterday on my break (yes i shop on my break) I popped into Warehouse as I saw they had a 25% off day. I wouldn't be a regular shopper there but after a few minutes I had my hands full with items to try on. It has started to have a more Zara vibe, on trend and heavier fabrics. Before I knew it I could hardly carry all I had to try on. I managed to whittle it town to 5 buys....even though I am considering returning for some pieces I left behind. The whole lot came to €144 which I think is great value. The necklace I bought is a gold star...I can't find an image but it's so cute! So check out the rest and let me know what you think :)

Mars <3 

What I bought:

 What I may go back for:


  1. €144 is a bargain for Warehouse! Peplum-mania <3


    1. Total bargain!! I have been living in my jacket! Peplum lovage <3

  2. what a bargain! Definitely go back for the floral trousers!