Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Sabo Skirt Lovage

I only recently found out about the Australian fashion website Sabo Skirt, it is lust worthy! It was founded by two bestie bloggers, Thessy and Yiota. They, like myself, are young entrepreneurs with a love for fashion. RESPECT! 
So lately I have been checking out their website A LOT. A really cool addition to this website is their own blog. Here they show you how they styled a certain item available to purchase, everything from hair to handbags....cool huh?! A big thing I have noticed is that their new items sell out very quickly, so you have to act fast. I am currently deciding what I want my first purchase to be. So I have whittled it down to five fave pieces...now which to chose?! I am always looking for new and exciting websites to add unique pieces to my wardrobe, so suggestions are appreciated :)

Five Fave's: 

Mars <3