Monday, 25 March 2013

Spring Accessories

Accessories are key to personalising any outfit. Use them as a fashion statement or a signature look. It is one thing to buy an outfit but the accessories should be your extra stylish tool. This season's variety of accessories gives us a number of endless possibilities. Be bold and use what is on trend to your advantage. To give you some inspiration here are some of what you can expect to see in stores. Grab some colour and don't be afraid.

Grab a bow.....tie it in your hair, pop it around the collar of your shirt or cinch it around the waist of your favourite dress. Embrace this charming detail, rock that bow! 

Long Scarves:
I love a good scarf, the longer the better. Think pattern and colour....make that outfit pop with this beauty.

Fold Over Clutches:
A fave!

Rose Gold:
As some of you know I am a HUGE gold accessories fan, I pile it on. However rose gold has made a huge comeback and I am embracing it!

Statement Necklaces:
Use this to add some glam and attitude to any outfit!

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