Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Style Icon: Christine Centenera

Christine Centenera, was Australian Harper's Bazaar fashion editor and is now Vogue Australia's newly appointed senior fashion editor, is also a celebrity stylist, street style icon and a great fashion mind behind Kanye West's clothing line. Often dressed in Hermes, Burberry, Celine and the rest of high class brand names, but at the same time wearing them in her own uncopiable way....did you hear that Kim Kardashian!!! 

Christine is not intimidated by matching oversized clothes with statement shoes. It's the opposite - she is in the minority of people who can pull it off! She loves her leather pants as much as I do, she's wearing them very often as a wardrobe essential, usually matched with fur and super high heels for ultimate glam outfits, while messy hair and slightly baggy items give her that effortless and fun but very chic look. Love, love, love! <3

She likes to keep it simple with basic colors in her wardrobe: black, white, nude and grey.Christine cane never be accused of looking plain, she spices up her outfits with huge designer sunglasses, statement jewelry and lots of studs. Check out some of her to die for looks below.
Mars <3

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  1. I really like her style and i want her wardrobe!
    great post :)
    Sophianne x


    1. I know love her.....want her wardrobe!!

      Mars <3

  2. I love her style. Great inspiration!

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