Friday, 20 April 2012

*Coachella 2012*

Every year thousands of people gather to embrace their love for music at the Coachella festival in Indio, California. Celebrities and music lovers of all ages are united for 3 days with their favourite artists whether it's rock, indie, hip hop or electronic music!

I am always super jealous of the Coachella festival goers. Who doesn't long for a A-list festival, Californian sunshine and too-cool-for-school line-up?! Not only is Coachella famous for it's amazing line-up, but it is just as famous for it's celeb turnout and fashions. With fashion parties from the likes of Armani and Mulberry, Coachella is the street style catwalk of the festival world. While the die-hard festival goers could not care less what the wear during the three day event, others view it as a mini fashion week. This is no Oxygen peeps!! There is only one way to say it.....It is Coachella's fashion festival baby and I wish I was there!

Here are some of my favourite celebrity looks from Coachella:
Vanessa Hudgens
Denim was a massive trend at this years Coachella and something i love! Denim Shorts,shirts etc. I was obsessing about Rihanna's studed shorts. I did some research and they are by "The Ragged Priest" and are available to buy online at . I also love Vanessa Hudgens pair and they are by one of my fave Oz brands "One Teaspoon", she wears a lot of their stuff. You can find these exact ones on Ebay or Planet Blue !!

How gorge did my girl crush Kate Bosworth look....Effortless!!!
American T look is 2011, but I loved it.
Whitney Port
And last but no means least my fashion fave Nicole Richie

 Here are some looks from the Mulberry and Armani parties:

As the only big festival I have been at YET, is Oxygen, I said I would 
pop in a few pic of my friends and I trying to do festival chic at last years event....all be it a little tired and tipsy.....good times :)

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