Friday, 20 April 2012

My Fashion Wishlist

So it is my birthday next weekend and I have been creating a list of my most coveted possessions....maybe I will get one. I have some images of some of the pieces below. Top of my list is this stunning Yves Saint Laurent. I have coveted this ring like I have never coveted a ring before. Well over a year and still counting, wanting it to be on my finger....AMAZING!!!! I know we may not all have the funds for this beauty, however their are many substitutions available on the high street or on eBay. These will tie you over until you can crack that piggy bank open and cash it in for this YSL beauty.

My Wishlist: 

This gold Michael Kors watch....actually this
whole outfit...please and thank you :)

Stackable Gold rings

Vintage Chanel Handbag

Ray-Ban Aviators 

Leopard Print Scarf

Jeffery Campbell Lita Spike

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