Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Men's Shirt Look

The latest trend apart from neon that I have been dying to wear is the "Boyfriend" Shirt trend. I have been looking for a nice shirt for a while and finally decided the only place i was going to find one was in the men's department. I got one in Topman to wear for Sunday drinks with friends. A man's shirt doesn't need many extras. Its is more efortless chic! I paired it with blue denims, nude peep toes and gold jewellery to girly the look up. To make it extra feminine I rolled up the sleeves to show some skin :) My hair was looking unkempt from the plait the night before so I kept it that way. Wanted it to have that casual, laid back all over look. Think I am going to buy it in white and check too, this is going to be my go to casual evening look for the summer.

Mars <3


  1. Looks good ! I also love the polished version Hanelli is wearing !


    - Shubana
    -- CoeurDecors

  2. love your top! such a chic outfit! visiting from IFB :)


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  3. I'm always stealing my boyfriends shirt he bought me a load for christmas, but its just not the same & still steal the ones he wears haha! Love the look xx


    1. It is such easy wear....keep stealing!thank you xx

  4. Hi dear :) Know your blog in IFB and i'm now following u :)

    I'll be happy if you do the same for me ;) xoxo*

  5. Mens shirt for the win.. and love that clutch!!!!

  6. Mens shirts and classic and casual in the modern world.All people like this type of shirt.This is suitable for all..Thanks for sharing.

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